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Research project on the subject of “New Vocabulary” supported by HES-SO & HEM-Ge in Switzerland. A cross disciplinary project focusing on “tradition and synthesis“.

"Aland" , (/'ɑ:land/) : first ray of dawn. Short documentary film directed by DARIUS GORGVAND ( known as GORG), filmed in a remote village of in 2018  where they still keep the strong traditions alive. This was obviously before pandemic (after a sever earthquake in the region) , however, GORG's symbolic narrative on light, fire, and human bonding is deeply missed and felt in these uncertain times. ALAND finally promises a bright light as

Hafez says:

"May a ray of dawn

fall on us"

Excerpt, "Seven Valleys of Love". Video from Somayeh- Blank Pages by Newsha Tavakolian

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