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a commissioning project focused on female composers. Night Triptych released by NewFocus Recordings features world premiere recordings of newly commissioned works by Clarice Assad, Courtney Bryan, Golfam Khayam, Mary Kouyoumdjian, Gity Razaz, and Gabriella Smith.


I Care If You Listen:

Golfam Khayam’s title work is in three movements, “Improvisatory”, “Quasi Furioso”, and “Rubato, Amoroso, Molto Cantabile.” we hear echoes of the oud and Middle Eastern music in fleet, ornamental slurred passages and pointed grace notes.

But despite the hints at a geographically specific orientation, overall Khayam’s work comes from a place of universal contemplation


"Narrante"  duo guitar and clarinet embark on a path of musical synthesis,The entire album is a unified piece that traverses through different stages and variations of a dialogue, each related to a formal structure with open sections for improvisation.It encounters the two instruments as two individuals, separately wandering, conflicting, clashing, converging and ultimately, becoming one. The impressions of each instrument is mirrored within the other, resonating with in an inner perspective.

Narrante as one of ECM’s triumphant releases of 2016, but it rewards multiple listens and has a quiet, hibernal beauty that is worth delving into.” Dusted Magazin; August, 2016

"... rarely two acoustic instruments had reached such a level of perfection

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Ravi (Persian word for "storyteller") is divided into two main sections: guitar solos and guitar-oud open improvisations. The album Includes two world premier recordings of " Fantasia- Hommage to Maurice Ohana" and "Persian Miniatures- dedicated to Golfam Khayam

"  ... Golfam Khayam has taken on the task of making my musical world, (which is already very much inspired by Persian music) even more so a part of her deep cultural heritage.... I congratulate her unique storytelling of my work." Dusan Boganovic

"...The overlap and interweaving of Balkan and Persian cultural worlds finds authentic voice in this music (Ravi)... "


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Poet Guitar contains a selection of classical and contemporary repertoire of the classical guitar performed and recorded by Golfam Khayam. It also Includes composition and arrangements of the author. 




Ravi (Golfam Khayam) are re-interpretations and improvisations on Dusan Bogdanovic's compositions inspired by persian poetry and culture - here arranged for solo Guitar as well as Guitar-Oud duet (featuring Siavash Roshan).

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