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October 20 2023, Maison de la radio et de la musique: Auditorium;Haydn, Khayam, Busoni, Vivier;Orchestre philharmonique de Radio France

September 24, 2023, Festival of Mediaeval and Renaissance Music Flores Musicae, Slovenia


June 15, 2023, Iceland Symphony Orchestra, HARPA, Barbara Hannigan, world premier " I'm not a tale to be told"


June  9, 2023, Ojai Music Festival, " Lost wind", LA


April 7, 2023, Radio France Orchestra,I'm not a tale to be told ( cancelled: strike), Paris

November 16 London Contemporary Orchestra, "Simorgh" Royal Festival Hall  


November  6, 2022, ICE ensemble, FIU Music Festival 


October 15, Skirball  LaGuardia PlaceNew York, NY, 

October 23, 2022, Premiere Viola Concerto, National state orchestra of Niedersachsen, Northeim

October 23, 2022, Premiere Viola Concerto, National state orchestra of Niedersachsen, Northeim

October 22, 2022, Premiere Viola Concerto, National state  orchestra of Niedersachsen, Bersenbrück 

October 21, 2022, Premiere Viola Concerto, National state orchestra of Niedersachsen, Hannover

July 7, Night Triptych, Tehran Contemporary Music festival


July 6 , Viola Ritornello for Solo viola, Tehran Abgineh Museum of Glass

May 17, 2022 - Composing New Perspectives - Female Voices From Iran at Opera America (New York, NY)*
The Iranian Female Composers Association and loadbang


April 17, 2022 - Composing New Perspectives - Female Voices From Iran at Tufts University (Boston, MA)

April 12, 2022 - Composing New Perspectives - Female Voices From Iran at SUNY Stony Brook (Stony Brook, NY)

April 4-8, Improvisation interactive workshop, IRCAM, Paris


17.12.2021  Towards Sounds, HilbertRaum, Exhibition, curated by R.Wiesenfeld, Berlin

17.12.2021  Towards Sounds, HilbertRaum, Exhibition, curated by R.Wiesenfeld, Berlin


26. 11. 2021  Online premiere of sound art Why Would We Remain? - poem by Z.Ardó, Music by Golfam Khayam, SOAS click here


08. 11. 2021  Lecture, Middle East and Central Asia Music Forum, City, University of London


22- 24. 10. 2021  Recital, Workshop "The Creative Process" , Koninklijk Conservatorium, Brussels


03.10.2021  Premier, Song Cycles with Haleh Seifizadeh, Bor Zuljan,"Troubadours", KulturniDom, Slovenia- postponed (covid).

24.09.2021  NAQSH DUO, Gemeindesaal Obstgarten Stäfa, Zurich Switzerland

15.09.2021  Towards Sounds, re:future, curated by J.P.Frühsorge and R.Wiesenfeld, Berlin

07.09.2021 , Seven Valleys of Love - Illusions (2020)

für Paetzold-Subgrossbassblockflöte solo, Sylvia Hinz, Unerhörte Musik, Berlin

click HERE for online stream.20:10 CEST.

18.07.2021  William Kanengeiser, Lost Land, SanFransisco Performances, Herbst Theatre, CA,USA

12.06.2021  Premier, "Car je nous vois" , Opera de-ci-de la festival aix en provence,France

09.05.2021  Retrospective, IFCA (Iranian Female Composers Association) Colloquium, to request  link click here

08, 09.04.2021  USA Premier, Simorgh and Murmuration for string Orchestra, New West Symphony, click here


24.03.2021  Premier new program, NAQSH DUO, International Tuberculosis Day, ToBeContinued, click here


05.02.2021  Premier, "Lost Land" Commission and Performed by William Kanengeiser, Memphis International Guitar Festival, register here

03.02.2021  "Lecture,  WOMXN in Art and Technology(online) register here , NOTAM, Oslo, Norway

02.02.2021 Lecture "Framing Tradition into Contemporary Music" CeReNeM Colloquium (Online), organized by ICE , International Contemporary Ensemble, University of Huddersfield, UK.

01.2021  Residency aix en provence, postponed to June, dates to be announced, aix en provence France


07.11.2020 & 14.11.2020 klangwerksttatt, premiere,  "Seven Vallyes of Love"

click here (event without public) Berlin , Germany

​20.10.2020 Festival Présence Féminine, Ritornello pour alto seul Création mondiale,

Isabel Villanueva, Toulon, France


10.2020 NAQSH DUO, Porgy&Bess, Vienna Austria, canceled covid

24.09.2020 NAQSH DUO, Silk Road Project, Zurich, Switzerland , canceled covid


05.2020- 11.2020 NAQSH DUO, canceled covid, closed borders


06.2020, Composer Opera Residency, Festival d'Aix en Provence, France, canceled,covid


12 .06.2020, premiere Song Cycle, Stephan Schmidt, Basel Hochschul FHNW, Basel Switzerland canceled covid


24-27 .03.2020, Composer Residency, Festival d'Aix en Provence, France, canceled covid


 21.03.2020  Premiere "Ritornellos" for Viola solo, festival presences feminines, France canceled covid


13.02.2020 SOLO IMPROVISATION Recital, Jaque Dalcroze Hall, Geneva, Switzerland

13.02.2020    Lecture on Ornamentations in Contemporary Music, Geneva Music University (HEMG), Switzerland


01.01.2020    NAQSH DUO, Romanshorn, Switzerland


12.11.2019     "Lost Wind" for Flute and Gong, Salt Lake City,Dumke Hall, UTAH


16.10.2019     Solo, Aarhus International Music Festival, Denmark


15.10.2019    Improvisation Workshop, Royal Academy of Music, Denmark


13.09.2019    Naqsh Duo, Kino Traumstern, Lich, Germany


21.08.2019    Improvisation Workshop, Festival de Musique Improvisée Lausanne, Switzerland


20.08.2019    Naqsh Duo, Festival de Musique Improvisée, Lausanne, Switzerland


12.06.2019    Tradition & Synthesis, Workshop Gozar Academy of Music, Tehran , Iran


17.05.2019    Tradition & Synthesis, Workshop AvayeMehr Music Institute, Tehran , Iran


06.05.2019    Tradition & Synthesis, Workshop Luzern Musik Hochschule, Luzern, Switzerland

05.05.2019     Naqsh Duo, StanserMusiktage, Luzern, Switzerland

09.04.2019     Lost Wind, For solo flute and Gong, Premiere, University of South Carolina, USA


07.03.2019     Naqsh Duo,Bürgerhäuser , Dreieich, Germany


22.02.2019     Naqsh Duo,Lux Aeterna"  Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg, Germany


10.2018          Naqsh Duo, Multiphonic Festival Köln Germany


09.2018         "Show of Hands" , premiere of Solo guitar " Leili's Lullaby. TEhran, Iran


08.2018       "Persian Flute Anthology" Commission by Kelariz Keshavarz, USA


03.2018        " composition residency"  Commission by Göthe institute Belgrade. SERBIA


02.2018        " Diaspora" project Commission by William Kanengeiser, TBA. Ca. USA


29.09.2017          Performance & Panel discussion "NIGHT Triptych" , Georgetown University, USA

                              FRIDAY MUSIC SERIES: 

24-29.06.2017         Recording Project, Duo Noire, " seven works by seven women composers", Night                                               Triptych, New York, USA


24.05.2017              "Night Triptych", Premiere by Duo Noire, New York Classical Guitar Society, USA


06.05.2017              "Whisper Song", Swiss premiere by Luca Vimercati, Geneva, Switzerland


27.04.2017               Naqsh Duo, Women in Jazz, Georgenkirche Halle, Germany


31.03.2017               Naqsh Duo, Conde Duque, Madrid


30.03.2017               Naqsh Duo, Glatt&Verkehrt, Krems, Austria


25.03.2017               Naqsh Duo, Schwäbisch Hall, Germany

28.02.2017                USA premiere , Jordan Dodson  "Metropolis Ensemble, New York


06.02-11.02.2017    Workshop,   "Semaine d’improvisation", University of Geneva


04.11.2016              Guitar Concerto, Premier,MultiMod festival, conductor: Elena Schwarz, Geneva

31.10.2016            Naqsh Duo, The AHA! festival "Uni-Verse", Gothenburg Sweden



09.08.2016            Guitar and Improvisation Workshop, Royal Danish Academy of Music, Copenhagen

09.08.2016            "Paintings" for ten guitars, Premier, conductor: Roland Haraldson Copenhagen Guitar                                  Festival, Denmark


08.08.2016            Naqsh Duo, Copenhagen Guitar Festival, Denmark



24.07.2016             Naqsh duo, GUmusluk festival Turkey, Bodrum



20.07 - 27.07.2016     Guitar Masterclass, Improvisation,  Gumusluk festival Turkey, Bodrum



03.07.2016          Naqsh Duo, CD Launching , Galerie Kremers, Berlin, Germany 


01.07.2016          Naqsh Duo, CD Launching , Eine Welt Haus, Munich, Germany


10.06.2016          Duochrome, Viola Recital, Grande Salle. Geneva performed by:

                              Rafael Giménez-Florence Voide

11.05.2016            Naqsh Duo, live broadcast, RTS (Radio Television Suisse), Espace 2, 12-13

27.05.2016             Gora, "Dara Cokorilo", in the scope of Niksic International Guitar Competition


26.05.2016             Gora, performed by Jelica Mijanovic, City Museum of Podgorica


11.05.2016            Naqsh Duo, live broadcast, RTS (Radio Television Suisse), Espace 2, 12-13


10.05.2016            Naqsh Duo, joint event ECM CD Launching-Open discussion with Manfred Eicher

                                  Haute ecole de Musique de Geneve, Geneva


09.05.2016           Gora, performed by Jelica Mijanovic Muzički Centar Crne Gore, Montenegro


05.05.2016           Naqsh Duo, Rudaki Hall, Tehran


04.05.2016           Naqsh Duo, Rudaki Hall, Tehran


29.04.2016           Duochrome, Diwan Orchestra Concert, Grand Salle, Geneva


1-5.04.2016          Contemporary Music Festival, Lucerne


14.01.2016            Solo Recital, Japanese Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran


14.10.2015            Naqsh Duo, Aarhus International Guitar Festival, Denmark


04-06 .06.2015      Naqsh Duo, recording project, Lugano, Switzerland


22-25.04.2015      Festival Mixtur 2015, Barcelona, Spain                                        


06.02.2015            Lecture-Workshop "Atelier Improvisation"

                                Jaque Dalcroze Institute, Geneva, Switzerland


05.02.2015            Lecture-Workshop "Atelier Improvisation"

                                Jaque Dalcroze Institute, Geneva, Switzerland

17.01.2015             Naqsh Duo, Rudaki hall,Tehran, Iran


16.01.2015             Naqsh Duo, Rudaki hall,Tehran, Iran



14.11.2014          Naqsh Duo, "Orient-Occident"  Festival, Cité Bleu, Geneva, Switzerland


27.09.2014          Naqsh Duo, Premier, Clarinet: Mona Matbou Riahi, Glatt und  Verkehrt, Austria                                                 


20.05.2014            Performer-Composer degree Recital, Grande Salle, Geneva,Switzerland


                                "Improvisation" Guitar & Chamber Ensemble,  Premier, Dir: Elena Shwarz,                               


                               "Duochrome" , viola:  Isabel Villanueva


                               "Whisper Song", viola: Isabel Villanueva


                               "Gora" , guitar: Jelica Mijanovic



​05.04.2014             Solo/Duo Performance,Lecture Viola: Isabel Villanueva,

                                   "International  Colloquium, gestures and emothions"



​09.12.2013            "Gora" for guitar solo, world premier, CULTURESCAPES Festival, Basel

                                    guitar: Jelica Mijanovic 



23.11.2013           Solo Recital, Aalborg International Guitar Festival, Denmark



16.11.2013           Ensemble Matka, Fonderie Kugler, Geneva



11.05.2013           "Duochrome" for viola & guitar, world premier,Grande Salle,Geneva



07.08.2013           Lecture "Persian Music for Classical guitar" , Royal Danish Academy of Music    



​06.08.2013          Solo Recital "Copenhagen International Guitar Festival", Denmark


08.08.2013           Solo Recital "Fano  International Guitar Festival", Denmark


25-26.08.2013         Duo Recital Viola (Isabel Villanueva)  & Guitar, Rudak Hall, Tehran 

                                     Premier  of  "Whisper song"

                                      Duo Recital Viola (Isabel Villanueva)  and Guitar, Rudak Hall,                         Tehran 

        Premier   of "Garden" by Hooshyar Khayam, "Whisper song" by Golfam Khayam

17.10.2012         Solo Recital, Aarhus International Guitar Festival, Denmark






















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