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N a q s h  D u o
It ( NAQSH DUO) is a perfect testament to the universality of music.
Chicago Jazz Magazine


 NAQSH (Farsi word: ornamentation, form, figure or any other shape which is related to visual arts.) Internationally active duo, Golfam Khayam guitar and Mona Matbou Riahi clarinet, is offering a palette of colors in an unforeseen musical territory by discovering the overlaps of Persian and contemporary music. Through this musical synthesis, members of this duo are seeking a path to explore their instruments differently: pushing boundaries for new colors, illusion of timbre, eccentric ornamentations, and uncharacteristic sound effects for the instruments. The duo presents a personal musical language in original compositions which are based on integration of Persian instrumental/musical adaptations (form, modes, microtones, drone, rhythms, and practice of improvisation) in contemporary musical frameworks. This ensemble brings together conventional and unconventional approaches of composition and improvisation for new prospects that is freed from any category of music and geographical borders. The duo is performing internationally.  To discover more, click on the icons below:

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