selected composer for 2021 OPÉRA DE-CI DE-LÀ RESIDENCY

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Interview with DigitalBerlin


Premier night, Seven Valleys of Love in collaboration with Magnum photographer Newsha Tavakolian on visuals & Kalma in 30th years of Berlin klangwerkstatt festival 2020.

Narrante is featured in 24 frames, Abbas Kiarostami-  in Cannes Festival

Golfam Khayam has been named as the selected composer at the International Music Council, Rostrum of composers in the "Windows on the World" category.

Premier of "SOLITUDE" concerto for guitar and orchestra, Conductor: Elena Schwarz, ENSEMBLE 21, FESTIVAL MultiMod

“Solitude”, a concerto for guitar and chamber orchestra is a search for the drone concept as a central element in traditional music in a large scale work. a remote element which brings the music unpredictably into various contradictory regions.” Click here to learn more about MultiMod festival


Solitude - (excerpt)

Lecture, "Ornamentations" , Festival of Improvisation at Geneva HEM

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Ornamentation are everywhere in Persian art including architecture, stone carvings,calligraphy, miniature paintings and music is not an exception. The presentation looks at Persian ornamentation first as a basic source in tradition followed by their integration and synthesis as a tool into the new context in contemporary music. In tradition, practice of ornamenting phrases is based on an oral tradition. This presentation is suggesting a systematic approach to composers and improvisers. This basic yet sophisticated layer of tradition can be broadened into a new perspective for a wide palette of ornamental components.  Read more

Premier of Leyli's Lullaby and Paintings in Aarhus Festival, Improvisation workshop Aarhus Royal Academy click here for reservation

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Golfam Khayam with Naqsh Duo in Elbphilharmonie click here

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New publication : "Gora" is published among other contemporary repertoire scores. Click here to order

Duo Noir premiering Golfam Khayam's music " Night Triptych" in Georgetown University, USA


Duo Noire, featuring innovative classical guitarists Thomas Flippin and Christopher Mallett, will perform audience friendly works that they've commissioned by highly accomplished contemporary female composers, including new pieces by Clarice Assad, Courtney Bryan, Gabrielle Herbst, Golfam Khayam, Mary Kouyoumdjian, Gity Razaz, and Feripsichorée Gabriella Smith. 

Panel discussion immediately afterwards, moderated by GU Prof. Anna Celenza, on "Women in Music: Current Disparities and Ways to Address Them." Panelists include Alexandra GardnerShannon GunnAnna Pidgorna, Ariel Elizabeth Shelton, and Annika Socolofsky.

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Review on Narrante by Tyran Grillo







photo: Hesam Samavatian


Such openness percolates through “Testamento,” in which Riahi purifies the space for Khayam’s guitar. Like a pair of hands opening a window outward onto a wave-caressed shore, it conveys a message of solitude—one that, despite emerging from the interactions of a duo, represents parts of the same psyche. That same two-in-one feeling is magnified in “Arioso,” throughout which trills in both instruments float and sink simultaneously, leaving a melodic body suspended between them. Other moods range from dreamlike (“Sospiro”) to reflective (“Silenzio”), but always with an ear attuned to the larger picture at hand.

The title track is the most intimate of all, making effective use of spaces between notes. This is, in fact, what the duo does best: mold resonance as substance into sculptures of resistance. Like the colors of “Parlando,” it shapes wind and time into a cherished memory, as this program is certain to become once it finds a home in your heart.


Golfam Khayam signs and records with ECM, with clarinetist  Mona Matbou Riahi

photos:D. Vass and Mona Matbou Riahi

Published article on "Tradition and Synthesis"

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Golfam Khayam holds Improvisation workshop in Geneva University of Music